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How Much is Car Insurance for College Students?

Teenage drivers are often mislabeled as high-risks motorists. If you happen to be a college student getting your first car, then expect to pay a lot for your car insurance.  You might ask: how much is car insurance for college students?   There is no definite answer to this question as car insurers have varying rates for teenage drivers like you. What you can expect, however, is the high-priced car insurance quotes that these insurers will give you.

Rather than getting all caught up on the car insurance fees, it would be better to shift your focus on how to qualify for lower insurance rates. While you cannot expect to get a vehicle insurance fee that is as low as your father’s, there’s a possibility that a car insurer will give you reasonable insurance premiums.

Defensive Driving

Car insurance firms love to insure motorists who have enrolled in a defensive driving institution. They charge them with lower car insurance quotes because they believe that they are low-risk drivers. Enrolling in a defensive driving school will make you a low-risk motorist in the eyes of a car insurer, and this should get your cheaper fees in the process.

Get Good Grades

Instead of wondering how much is car insurance for college students, concentrate on getting good grades. Insurance companies look into the grades of college students in assessing their insurance premiums. If you have a grade of B or better, then you are a prime candidate for lower car insurance rates.

Car insurers say that grade give them an idea on how responsible the college student is.  The better grades you have, the more responsible you are and the better rates you’ll get from vehicle insurers.

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Drive a Small Car

Driving a sedan may not be what you imagined, but it could help you save on insurance costs. Car insurers tag sedans as low risk cars since these vehicles have smaller engines and thus are unlikely to zoom in a highway. It also means sedans are less likely to get involved in accidents.

College students like you who are about to apply for car insurance should face the reality that insurers charge high insurance rates on young drivers. So your question should not be how much is car insurance for college students, but rather: how can I save on car insurance?

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