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A car is an investment. And every investment comes with a price. When buying a car you put an effort in checking each and every detail of the car which includes the engine specifications, mileage, oil and gas consumption, tire grip, power windows, power steering and also how good you would look in your car when driving on the road.

However, you cannot just go to garage and purchase a car and drive away! You must get your car insurance immediately. If you are buying your brand new car during the weekend, then you must intimate your insurance company at the first instance on the first working day of the week. Once you have done so, make sure you get a car insurance which provides you with full or sufficient amount of insurance coverage for the car. The deadline of getting car insurance after purchasing a car depends from state to state. However, the minimum deadline is 10 days within which you are required to get your car registered with the Motor Vehicles Department.

It is best not to wait for your car insurance. Rather you should apply for it immediately upon purchasing a car. It is not advisable to drive your car without insuring your car, as no one will take any responsibility in case of an accident or any other unforeseen problem which may occur before you have been able to get your insurance policy.

Furthermore, if you have taken a loan on the car, then you must get car insurance that before even sitting in the car and taking it for a ride.

Without car insurance, you can never be secure on the road. So to be secured you must get insured before going for that long drive which you have planned when you get your new car!

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